Window Furnishings

Custom-made roller blinds

HomePlus Design roller blinds are a stylish, versatile and practical window treatment solution. They are a reliable, attractive way to manage heat and glare and protect your furniture or floors from the hash effects of the New Zealand sun.Our custom-made roller blinds can be effortlessly raised or lowered by either our European made chain winder system, or automated with our Italian manufactured tubular motors. 

Choose from an extensive range of premium quality fabrics designed to resist shrinking and fading. Most fabrics are sanitised to resist rot and mildew and are fire resistant. An extensive colour range and choice of styles is available to suit virtually any application. PVC coated lightblock fabrics provide total privacy and allow for easy cleaning while corrosion resistant hardware suits wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Robust top quality aluminium roller tubes provide the foundation for all of our roller blinds. Extra heavy duty extruded aluminium tubes enable larger blinds to be made with no discernable sagging. Manufactured from engineering grade plastics and steel (springs), all moving parts are lubricated during assembly and need no further attention during the life of the blind.