Amplimesh® Grille Security Doors and Windows

Amplimesh® grille window and door screens offer you peace of mind against uninvited visitors. They not only visually deter unwelcome guests, but offer a high quality physical barrier against anyone that does attempt to break-in. With insect mesh as a standard feature on all Amplimesh® grille screens, homeowners are able to enjoy open doors and windows without enticing in mosquitoes, flies or thieves. 

With over 50 years of experience in the New Zealand security screen market, Amplimesh® is recognised for its superior quality and longevity, reassuring thousands of customers that their security is taken care of. Security screens from the Amplimesh® range are available in a variety of grille styles, with both the grille and frame colour matched to your existing joinery.

Key features:

  • Security door tested to Australian standards AS5039-2008
  • Visual deterrent
  • Choice of grilles which can be colour coated
  • Available in a range of frame colours
  • Standard hardware included 
  • Fibreglass insect mesh standard feature
  • 5 year warranty*

*Fibreglass insect mesh excluded

Amplimesh® grille screens are suitable for: 

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Stacker door systems
  • Windows


  • Pet proof mesh
  • Look-out™ one way vision mesh 
  • 3 point locking mechanism


Pet Resistant Mesh

Made of vinyl coated polyester, this fabric is much heavier than traditional fibreglass or aluminium screening. Resistant to tears or damage caused by pets. 

Pet Doors 

These doors fit simply to all standard Amplimesh Grille Security Doors. They are made from UV stabilised plastic, with magnetic closers and are available in two colours, black or white. 

Look-out™ One Way Vision Mesh 

With the correct light, Look-out One Way Vision Mesh allows a person on the inside to see out, but not be seen from the visitor’s side. 

Three Point Locking Systems 

Three point security locks anchor the door at the top, middle and the bottom for extra security. 


Prevents tearing of mesh when opening or closing the security door. 

Heavy Duty Closer 

Available for hinged or sliding doors.