Gate Automation

High quality Italian made automation from the Nice® range can be used to automate virtually any hinged or sliding gate. Combined with accessories such as safety photo cells, digital key pads and multi button remotes, the Nice® range provides the ultimate in safety, security and functionality. The multi-function capabilities of the Nice® systems, when combined with the appropriate receivers, can open your gate and garage door, turn on a light or extend your awning, all with one small remote.

The Solemyo solar power system is also available to operate selected gate systems, in isolated locations, where mains power is not available.

From small pedestrian gates through to large commercial gates, there is a product in the Nice® range suitable for your application.

Nice Robus 400 Kit

  • For Sliding Gates up to 400kgs
  • Advanced European technology: 24Vdc Motor adapts to climatic conditions.
  • A master slave selection automatically synchronises 2-leaf sliding gates set opposite each other.
  • Safe: Acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted at the beginning and the end of opening and closing.
  • Intelligent: Thanks to automatic obstacle detection system and self diagnostic by means of flashing light.
  • Sturdy base and release in pressure die cast with easy to open emergency handle.
  • Optional Battery back-up housed inside the unit
  • Suitable for use with Solemyo Solar Power kit

Note: Other Nice® Sliding Gate Automation systems are available. Always consult your installer for the correct system for your application.

Nice Wingo 4024 Kit

  • For Swing Gates with Leaves up to 2 Metres - WINGO4024KC (or up to 3.5 metres WINGO5KCE)
  • 24 Vdc electromechanical gear motors
  • Reliable and silent motors with patented layout of internal parts resulting in fewer moving components.
  • Mooncleaver control unit including features such as pedestrian pass opening, deceleration on opening and closing and clutch with anti-crush safety feature.
  • User friendly emergency release with personalised Nice® key
  • Pre assembled travel stops on opening and closing.
  • Optional Battery back up
  • Suitable for use with Solemyo Solar Power kit

Note: The Wingo system is not designed for large Architectural Louvered, T&G or Slat gates or gates in high wind areas. Other Nice® Hinged Gate Automation systems are more suitable. Always consult your installer for the correct system for your application.

Solemyo Solar Power

The Solemyo is the solar power kit for automation systems used on gates when located far from the electrical mains. The SYKCE kit includes SYP Photovoltaic panel for 24volt power  supply, PSY24 Battery box with control circuit and carry handle and a 2 metre battery to automation unit connection lead.

  • Installable anywhere without the need for connections or excavations - even in the most remote locations or those difficult to access with the power mains.
  • The SYP Panel - available individually is ideal for all situations with low exposure to the sun.
  • Low consumption with no risk of power blackouts. Extended duration of energy reserve ensures perfect operation even at night time or in prolonged overcast conditions.
  • The SYA1 Auxiliary Power Accessory (optional extra) enables rapid battery charging via mains as an alternative to the photovoltaic panel. The battery pack can be easily disconnected and carried to the closest power source be given a “boost” via 230 volt mains to full charge if required.

Note: Solemyo is designed for residential use and is not recommended for commercial or high use applications. Always consult your installer for the correct system for your application.