Secondary Glazing

Winterglaze Secondary Glazing – giving you the benefits of double glazing for less.

Winterglaze secondary glazing is designed to reduce heat loss through inefficient single pane windows, which are prevelant throughout New Zealand homes, adding an insulation layer to existing windows. With the cost of heating rising year on year, secondary glazing on existing windows keeps more of your precious heat inside your home.

How does Winterglaze Secondary Glazing work?

Whether your windows are aluminium or timber, Winterglaze secondary glazing provides a 100mm air layer between the existing single window pane and the secondary unit, providing all important thermal insulation; reducing heat loss and increasing noise control.

Why Winterglaze Secondary Glazing?

Winterglaze secondary glazing has been designed to offer some of the best thermal resistance for existing windows, especially when combined with specialty glazing glasses and gases. Most secondary glazing systems provide improvements in the thermal resistance of windows, but “low-E aluminium framed secondary glazing provides the largest improvement”.* Winterglaze offers low-E glass, along with clear glass and acrylic infills – the choice is yours.

The Winterglaze units have been designed to incorporate ventilation and reduce fogging and other infill distortion – a common issue with other secondary glazing products.

All Winterglaze secondary glazing is colour matched to your existing window joinery.

*Secondary Glazing – How Well Does it Work? Smith, N. Build 2010

Unique to Winterglaze

Winterglaze secondary glazing units can be removed in summer and replaced with sliding insect screens, giving you comfort in summer and winter along with dual-purpose usage.